John Mayer: Dedicated to Veterans

Photo: NCIRE

Photo: NCIRE

John Mayer has a deep commitment to veterans of foreign wars, and it goes deeper than donating concert ticket revenue (as he has done). He is partnered with NCIRE The Veterans Health Research Institute. In addition to financial support he gives the cause of supporting those who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan, Mayer brings live music and events to vets around the country. He is deeply committed to supporting the adjustment as vets transition into civilian life after combat service. It is a challenge faced by so many individuals, and mired in grim statistics about how we as a nation, and the mental health and veteran’s services industries, are not measuring up.

“Seeing to it that we care for our returning Veterans is quite possibly our biggest collective duty as a nation,” says Mayer. “We know what challenges lay ahead, and we know very well the nature of them.”

He has recently thrown his weight and influence behind a civilian/military partnership to provide resources, psychological and otherwise, for transitioning vets.

You, too, can support the mission of NCIRE here.

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