Greensafaris Goes Extra Mile With Electric Vehicles

tn.jspThe African safari experience is truly one of the most magnificent things a traveler can do…but the usual jeeps, run on petrol or diesel, are not only noisy and disruptive to the wildlife you hope to view, they don’t do the environment any favors either. Greensafaris is going a bit further than most with their new eco-conscious excursions into the bush—they’ve converted their fleet of safari vehicles to electric. The new eLandy is a fully electric Land Rover that is charged via solar energy. Your game-tracking experience is wildly different than those of the past when you can actually hear the sounds of birds and animals without the driver having to cut the engine each time you stop. Silent and emission-free…that’s what you want a wildlife experience to be, and being less obtrusive or threatening to the animals means the viewing will yield so much more, as well. THAT is how you can edge so close you’d be within petting distance of that mama lioness and her cubs (but don’t go for it–fingers/hands/arms/lives are nice to keep). The greenrovers debuted at Mukambi Safari Lodge in Zambia.

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