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Andrew Mersmann Interview with Digital Documenters London

Feeling so lucky to have done this interview with Digital Documenters London. I posted about them earlier here, and their great work inspiring young people to volunteer, specifically energizing the movement around the Olympic Games 2012 in London. Through their work supporting young artists, documentary films are being generated now and through the games (and, of course, beyond) to help young hearts, minds, and spirits catch fire.

They’ve recently done a film with young volunteers to inspire volunteering, called Centrepoint & Me, and it has been nominated for an award. Final judging of the projects is done by a judging panel of guests as well as audience voting…so go watch a few amazing short pieces, and vote for Centrepoint & Me.

Interview from Digital Documenters London after the jump. Continue reading

The Voluntourist-Radio Show

Below is a link to listen to an hour-long radio show I did with David Clemmons. The show is called The VolunTourist and is part of his terrific website,

It is a full hour long discussion–and who these days has an hour? But wanted to make it available.

The Voluntourist link

The Book

160619_cover.inddWell–here it is. This is the book that kept me on self-imposed house arrest all winter and spring, tilting at the windmills of time trying to get it done.

It is now available at online retailers (, Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc) and I hope at your local bookstore as well. I love local bookstores and hope you’ll patronize yours (they are a disappearing breed).

I hope you’ll want to pick it up and thumb through it, maybe find something that catches your eye, sparks your imagination. If you do, let me know what you think.

And especially if it serves as a tool for you to plan some travel and go out there determined to make a difference, please please let me know that as well. It would mean the world to me to know that.


SO this is my 100th posting since I started the blog.

I love that the timing ended up this way–here is a video that I just got today, promoting the book …

next time…a real microphone

Self Promotion

Below is a brief piece from a summer issue of Marie Claire Magazine in their “World Reports” section, about volunteer travel, with a brief quote (all that’s left from a longer interview–but I know too well, from the other side of the equation, how that goes and interviews get cut down to bites) from me and mention of my book, at the end. It is the first time (to my knowledge) that the book has been mentioned in editorial content in print…so I’m kinda jazzed.

A direct link is (here).


How To Be a “Voluntourist”

By Sarah Robbins


angelina jolie in tanzaniaAngelina Jolie helps build a hut for Congolese refugees in Tanzania.

Photo Credit: N. Behring-Chrisholm/Getty Images

Special Offer
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You tumble out of your bunk at 5 a.m., take an ice-cold shower, and schlep banana-tree trunks across the rainforest to build a bridge. That’s called summer vacation for volunteers with the Malaysia-based Great Orangutan Project, which works to protect the dwindling population of red-haired apes. And it’s one of hundreds of do-goodery options for people itching to heed President Obama’s call to service, asking not what your time off can do for you (tan lines, hookups, tiki bars), but what you can do with your time off.

A slew of “voluntourism” books are hitting shelves this summer, starting with Volunteer Vacations Across America and National Geographic’s The 100 Best Volunteer Vacations to Enrich Your Life. The guides describe how to do everything from building a mobile karaoke studio in Cambodia to restoring a monastery in Tibet.

A little too selfless for you? Consider this: “In today’s economy, it can be crass to talk about how you spent two weeks at a resort,” says Andrew Mersmann, author of Frommer’s 500 Places Where You Can Make a Difference, in stores this fall. “But if you spent your days saving endangered black rhinos, that’s cocktail conversation.”