Volunteering? Hot Dog!

1426131_63500254OK–follow along with me now–this is a bit of a stretch…

Today, July 23, is National Hot Dog Day.

Hot dogs, or frankfurters, originated (not everyone agrees here, but it’s my story and I’m sticking to it) in Frankfurt, Germany.

Sooo….how about some volunteer opportunities in and around Frankfurt (and you won’t necessarily need to speak German)?

*Classroom and event volunteers are needed at the Frankfurt International School. Also departments in performing arts and library work for English speakers.

*The Frankfurt Marathon sponsored by BMW and held on October 27 this year, needs loads of volunteers local and international–like every large-scale race event.

*Moving to the region? Frankfurt’s Volunteer Fire Department (Freiwillige Feuerwehr Eschersheim)needs able-bodied volunteers.

*Workaway has volunteer opportunities at a large bio/organic farm on a country lakeside forest about 40 minutes of Frankfurt.

*There are multiple creative volunteer opportunities year round with the English Theatre Frankfurt (TLS). Audition for a role, play in the orchestra, usher, work the ticket booth, help in the office, beef up the website, or find your own niche.

*YouthCompass serves teens who are mobile, moving from place to place, and facing the issues of growing up without a steady home foundation. They have programs internationally that rely on volunteers, including in Frankfurt.

*Go Abroad has a bunch of Germany-based volunteer service projects for visitors–check out their many offerings.

*The Newcomers Network for people newly moved to Frankfurt has multiple listings for community and volunteer resources so you can meet new friends in your new community.

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