What’s Good for Bieber Fever? Water

Justin Bieber, the star currently sitting quite comfortably in one of the more highly placed thrones of the Mount Olympus of fame, has shown the wisdom that can come from 18 years of life. On his birthday Thursday, when he reached that somewhat arbitrary cultural landmark that says you are an adult, Bieber requested of his millions of international fans that they donate eighteen dollars to his charity of choice, water.org, to help address the water crisis that affects a billion people in the world. Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness, so Bieber Fever, a cute and catchy suggestion of an illness, can be cured (or elevated, if that is the desire) with good, clean water. Last year, with the same request from the birthday boy, fans raised $47,148 that went 100% to the water charity. This year is on track to beat that number, soundly. That is the prescription for a happy birthday for a pop star and a gift that keeps on giving. And don’t think you’ve missed the boat since his March 1 birthdate has passed–he won’t be the slightest bit upset if your gift is late…just as long as you give.

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