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World Water Week August 26-31

It’s here. World Water Week, an annual week in Stockholm, Sweden, of minds meeting about the global issues of water scarcity and quality..and hopefully coming up with a solution or three. This year’s theme of focus is “Responding to Global Changes: Water and Food Security.” This global conference brings scientific experts and leaders of social and global change initiatives together to tackle tough issues…and the issues are indeed tough…every day, 2 million tons of human waste is released into water courses…in developing countries, 70% of industrial waste goes into the water system…since 1900, we’ve lost more than half of the world’s wetlands…globally, diarrhea is the leading cause of illness and death–and 88% of those deaths are due to a lack of sanitation and inadequate water for hygiene…every 20 seconds, a child DIES from poor sanitation…by the year 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population could be living in under “water stress” conditions…

Shorter showers anybody? Here’s hoping the good folks gathered on the beautiful islands of Stockholm to address these issues have some huge breakthroughs this week!

Wear Water and Give Clean Water to Another for 25 Years

ThirstTees has a cool new t-shirt campaign that says, in simple bold graphics, “WEAR WATER” and when you purchase one, you generate a contribution to their partner organization, Thirst Relief International. Your donation/purchase will provide the cost of part of a clean water well for a community or a bio-sand water filter system for a family (effective for up to 10 people) that can last a quarter century. It costs about five bucks per person to get people a place at the the metaphorical trough, to be able to drink healthy, safe water. Just about a billion people in this world don’t have access to that, and the diseases that kill children and adults the most are a direct result of the lack of safe water. It is a crisis like no other (we’ve all heard, since grade school, about how you can live X number of days without sleep, Y number of days without food…and water is the winner of the race to the bottom…aside from oxygen to breathe, it is the thing we need most).

It’s a pretty cool shirt, and does a pretty cool thing. If you don’t want to buy a shirt, just donate to Thirst Relief–even as an individual, you can have a major impact.

What’s Good for Bieber Fever? Water

Justin Bieber, the star currently sitting quite comfortably in one of the more highly placed thrones of the Mount Olympus of fame, has shown the wisdom that can come from 18 years of life. On his birthday Thursday, when he reached that somewhat arbitrary cultural landmark that says you are an adult, Bieber requested of his millions of international fans that they donate eighteen dollars to his charity of choice,, to help address the water crisis that affects a billion people in the world. Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness, so Bieber Fever, a cute and catchy suggestion of an illness, can be cured (or elevated, if that is the desire) with good, clean water. Last year, with the same request from the birthday boy, fans raised $47,148 that went 100% to the water charity. This year is on track to beat that number, soundly. That is the prescription for a happy birthday for a pop star and a gift that keeps on giving. And don’t think you’ve missed the boat since his March 1 birthdate has passed–he won’t be the slightest bit upset if your gift is late…just as long as you give.