Okaeri Project–Preserving and Renewing Memories in Japan

I am over the moon about this project, the Okaeri Project, dedicated to those who suffered in the earthquake and tsunami in Eastern Japan. Bookbinders around the world are laboring with love as they make handmade, bound, and stitched photo albums for the people of the area devastated by the flooding. It was initiated by the Tokyo Bookbinders Club and there are artists and printers volunteering from nations across the globe. Simultaneously, photo printers, film companies, and lots of volunteers are coming together for the painstaking task of cleaning and restoring photos that were discovered among the muddy wreckage. Eventually, newly printed or restored family memories and new beautifully crafted albums worthy of the honor will be united and given to the families. Cherished episodes of happier times will once again be in the hands of kin. The albums are beautiful, the sentiment even more so. Most of the month of March, the albums will be on display at Ofunato Civic Cultural Hall in Japan, and then families will be given the newly minted memory books with a big dose of support from around the world.

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