Welcome to Responsible Tourism Week 2012

This week, February 13-18, is Responsible Tourism Week, with social media challenges (today’s is: “Be generous and write a testimonial on someone’s media page”), tomorrow’s, for Valentine’s Day, is to “Be Empathetic” and so on throughout the week. There are online webcasts and united conversations with National Parks departments and micro-finance companies as well as workshops for travel providers. Explore the link above and click around. There is also a mandate to tourism and travel bloggers to inspire conversation about how to be a citizen of the world in a way that is respectful to the communities we visit—OK, I made that part up, but that is the spirit of this week. Find new ways to interact with your world, find out new things about cultures about which you wonder, explore travel bargains to finally go to the spot that has been humming in the back of your brain, donate to a cause for a culture beyond your own, reach out and write or call to that old travel companion like you’ve been meaning to do and re-connect and catch up…just find a way to be different in the world this week, in a way that reaches beyond your boundaries of last week.

Get out there and occur in a big way. There is no downside to being more connected to the world.

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