Matthew Morrison, VH1, and Glee are Saving the Music

Mister Schuester is well known to Gleeks around the world who tune into the latest episode of Glee each week (and re-watch online over and over and over and download the songs in record-setting numbers) as the benevolent, sometimes too enthusiastic Glee Club advisor/teacher. The actor playing him is Matthew Morrison, long familiar to Broadway audiences before high school show choirs ever appeared on the cultural radar. Matthew has a new album out (released yesterday), and is going on tour this summer, and at the city stops for his tour, he is partnering with VH1 to host Glee Club competitions to help the Save the Music Foundation. This foundation is committed to keeping the arts alive in public schools in the face of brutal budget cuts. As we know, the football team is unlikely to be shut down in a high school with financial woes, but the arts are too often seen as dispensable. On Morrison’s concert tour, local glee clubs can compete to be his opening act…and most importantly, support music education.

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