Child Soldier Relief

The atrocities of war are, of course, impossible to overstate. From the casualties of battle to the manipulative power use of rape and sexual predation to weaken a community and cast fear upon a society, it sickens us to think of what goes on. One of the elements we don’t often consider, is the forced fighting of child soldiers. This is not the US draft involuntarily conscripting 18-year-olds, but forcing children who are barely teens or still tweens to wield guns and bayonets, or, often, be human shields for more experienced warriors.

Child Soldier Relief is a non-profit dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating children who have been kidnapped and forced into fighting. They advocate, research, and report on this abhorrent practice happening right now in conflict regions around the world. The brainwashing, the physical and mental abuse…it takes a lot to deaden the conscience of a kid and kill their care–care about themselves or care about others. Successful soldier training means life becomes meaningless. It is literally dehumanizing, with a goal of creating as robot-like a youth as possible. Since the preparation for mindless brutality is all about breaking a being down, there is no thought for what to do if one of these kids actually survives–what do you do afterward? It is like training inherently peaceful and good dogs like pitbulls to become killing machines…what happens afterward? Of course the people committing these crimes against humanity in destroying these young lives could care less. There are multiple treatment centers in a dozen countries specifically dedicated to turning around these live that were discarded by the system. CSR’s website has lots of difficult information to wade through to learn more, and ways to lend your support. These kids are forgotten, thrown away, and robbed of youth and morality. Be a part of bringing humanity back.

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  1. i’m doing a research paper on this


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