Gaming for Good

Tim Kring was the creator of the TV series Heroes, and after that show wrapped this year, he has moved on to being a hero off the screen. He has created an online alternative reality game where players join a Conspiracy for Good and join the world of a covert group battling evil influences. The players are you and I, working through challenges and gathering clues to succeed in play…and the kicker is that use of the platform and playing the game—something so many people are already inspired to do—brings a benefit in the real world as it is linked with improvements at the Chataika Basic School in Zambia.

Says Kring of the project: “I didn’t just want to talk about “saving the world” in fiction, I wanted to create a narrative that spilled out into the streets. One that you could live inside of for a while. How cool would it be, I thought, to create a story that exists all around you all of the time? — On your laptop, your mobile phone, on your sidewalks, as a secret message hidden in your favorite song or while standing at the bus stop on your way to work.

And, taking it further, what if your participation over a few weeks or months actually impacts the story’s development and creates positive change in the real world because a philanthropic mission is integrated into the narrative itself?

The Conspiracy For Good is the culmination of this dream. This is the pilot project for a first-of-its-kind, interactive story, that empowers its audience to take real-life action and create positive change in the world. Call it Social Benefit Storytelling.”

Think about joining in now, in the project’s infancy (even though scores of people around the world have been readying this new paradigm for its recent launch), and find a creative new way to be at cause for making it better out there.

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