Still Hunting Seals?

Really Canada? The European Union placed a ban on seal products, even Russia has stopped the brutal and inhumane clubbing of baby seals…yet you insist on continuing. Like a diet, I suppose we should be grateful that you seem to be cutting back (in the seal hunting season that ended June 14, only 66,509 harp seal pups were clubbed or hooked through the throat and dragged to be skinned…while the allowable number was capped at 330,000 by the Fisheries Minister), but is there truly a need for the barbarism in 2010? Bill Maher, always polarizing and not always in agreement with me, has written a great piece in the New York Daily News about Canada’s persistence in the hunt. IFAW (the International Fund for Animal Welfare) has an entire seal page of action alerts and ways you can raise you voice in opposition to an industry for which time has passed. IFAW has been advocating for seals and other species for 40 years. Our neighbors to the north are being stubborn, but as other former seal hunting nations get up to speed and put this bloody history behind them, the pressure is on. You can help lean on them a bit.

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