Take Part

Is it possible as the seasons roll over and thermometer readings climb, that we begin basking a bit more in the sun and find ourselves a tad less motivated to get out there and move mountains? I know it works that way for me. Whether it is too hot, or the general sense that folks are all on vacation so there is less community bonding, or just finding convenient ways to put off until tomorrow what I very well could be doing today…

If, on the other hand, you find yourself with your schedule shifting for the season (perhaps your company gives Summer Fridays off or reduced schedule, or the kids are out of school so you’re cutting back on hours at the office for some family time, or you are self-employed or freelancing and potential employers are checked out until fall…) and there’s a surplus of hours and intention, but you’re not sure where to funnel your energies…try a resource like TakePart.

With TakePart, you can team up with like-minded people to take action for the causes you care about, or learn about new causes. Add Members Project to your profile, where you can vote for your favorite charities to receive funding from American Express, volunteer your time, or donate.

You can create your own new charitable outreach program, or join the forward momentum of others that are blazing new trails. It is grassroots organizing and community gathering, and you are an important cog in the works. Environment, Animal Welfare, Global Health, Science & Technology, Government & Politics, Crime & Corrections, Business, Poverty Issues…choose your cause, and jump in with the time you feel comfortable dedicating.

It is all about that first step, the rest follow down a more clearly marked path…

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