Rome Food Bank

It can be remarkable simple to find volunteer opportunities wherever you may roam. As you  grow more and more savvy in getting to know organizations and charities who are aligned with what matters most to you, you discover who some of their partners are in other destinations. Your Internet searching skills get more refined as well.

I just arrived in Rome, Italy yesterday to nicely warm weather (it was cold in France…for end of May), and thought I’d post this easy volunteer option “When in Rome…”


In 1986, the need became so evident that European national NGOs got together and created the European Federation of Food Banks ( Several urban and rural areas throughout Europe have food bank projects serving the hungry and homeless in their region. In Rome, volunteers are needed every day in the warehouse, on delivery trucks, in the kitchens, and on collection routes obtaining donations form restaurants, corporate kitchens, and other businesses. Able bodies are needed that are willing to pitch in and take direction (even without Italian language skills, enough English is spoken to point and ask you to lift, stack, sort, or stir). When you know how much time you have to give, contact the Food Bank to get on the roster. Banco Alimentare del Lazio (CH) (Tel: +39/06 4890 7463;

Instead of throwing coins in a fountain, put them to work.

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