Happy Malala Day!

970414_10151734091869002_574390124_nRemember Malala Yousafzai? She is the teen girl in Pakistan who was shot in the face by the Taliban when she dared to speak publicly about the need for education for all, including, (gasp) girls…

Today is Malala’s 16th birthday, and today she addressed the United Nations General Assembly where she, appropriately, received a standing ovation. Today, the U.N. has declared, is Malala Day. In honor of this amazing young woman, we must rededicate ourselves to the cause of providing education for all. There are over 57 million young people not in school–more than half of them girls. For the cost of two nuclear power plants….just two….we could educate every single young person in the world up through grade 9. How crazy is that?

Sign this Stand With Malala Petition to advocate for equal education opportunities for all. You needn’t risk your life, like Malala did…just refuse to accept NO as an answer.

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  1. Posted by fatima dauda saeed' on October 16, 2015 at 3:24 AM

    Education is a right everybody is entitled to. It is so sad that due to some selfish interests, shaky cultures, etc young children are prevented from having contact with it. Young girls are a higher percentage. It is high time this situation is dealt with. WE must be ready to sacrifice to see that all young children are in school. We wouldn’t take no for an answer!


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