MeetUp to Make a Difference

Have you started exploring the connection website yet? It is a pretty cool tool where you plug in where you are, and your interests in connecting with other people. Not dating/romance interests, but practicing a foreign language, or a team of like-skilled running partners, or painting, or a writer’s group, or small business experience sharing, or design enthusiasts, or wine tasting, or a book club, or….volunteering!

Type in the keyword “volunteer” and see who is moving and shaking the community around you, who might need help planning or staffing a fundraiser or service day, who is looking for able bodies or minds to take their charitable organization to the next level, and who might be launching a new organization that fires you up–right near your home. Since all the MeetUp opportunities are location based, that means you’ll find people making a real difference in your community, and probably FOR your community. It’s another way to discover like minds and spirits all around you–and we all want to know who the other cool kids are, right?

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