A Peak per Week to Make a Difference for Women Worldwide

Take your adventuring spirit to the top..of a challenging mountain peak… and make a difference for local communities. The Peaks Foundation‘s mission is “Women empowering women” and it is done in a big ol’ dramatic and exciting way. By gathering a group of committed people together to take on a huge challenge–like mountain climbing–with the backdrop of fundraising and awareness building, this organization has rocked the worlds of plenty of communities around the world, in places like Bolivia, Mongolia, Nepal, and Ethiopia (and more). They set up and support rigorous climbs (difficulty levels vary) with professional guides, support teams, kitchen/food, shelter, etc. They have “Three Peaks in Three Weeks” programs and “One Peak, One Week” challenges. You have a fundraising goal, you enroll in the expedition, you tell all you friends and neighbors (and use social media and every resource at your disposal to get people jazzed about this stupendous thing you are doing), and your advocacy and money raising goes directly to supporting local organizations making a difference in the communities near the peak challenges. Three-peaks challenges coming up are in Africa, the Himalayas, and South America, and one-peak weeks are ready for you to jump in, in Colorado, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ladakh, Mongolia, Mont Blanc, and Nepal. Bust out your boots, and get training (training plans provided as well) to have a global adventure with local impact.

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