Warby Parker–Funny Name, Great Idea

Photo: Warby Parker

The seriously cool, sometimes retro eyeglass and sun glass company, Warby Parker, is changing the way we see. Their frames for optical and sun glasses have hipster cred, and they fly in the face of conventional optical norms—meaning they only charge ninety-five bucks for a pair of glasses instead of hundreds (and that includes lenses and anti-reflective coating, an up-charge of a couple hundred MORE dollars at your local optical shop). Their rebellious vibe isn’t just evident in the design (which they do in-house) and anti-price-gouging philosophy of the company, but also in their philanthropic mission. For every pair of glasses you purchase, they send a pair of prescription glasses to someone in need—Buy a Pair, Give a Pair. Studies have shown that glasses (corrected vision) can add 20% to an individual’s income, allow a student to study efficiently, and make work and life in impoverished regions better in many ways we take for granted. About a billion people who need glasses around the world don’t have access to them. Warby Parker partners with non-profit partners, like VisionSpring, to distribute glasses to low income communities across the globe.

And get this–you can order, get free shipping, and even try on a few pairs at home before committing to a frame style–they send you five pairs to try on and wear around for five days before you buy. It’s fun to break the rules, and do good while you’re at it!

Photo: Warby Parker

Photo: Warby Parker

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  1. Warby Parker also offers a home try-on program in which it sends a customer five pairs of glasses to try on at home.


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