Charitable Giving at Ten-Year Low—We Can Give Hours if not Dollars

The Chronicle of Philanthropy has told us, from a study they’ve just completed, that the wealthiest among us are feeling the pinch, and their charitable donations are at an all time low through the past decade. When we think of The Pledge (when 40 of the world’s wealthiest people dedicated themselves to donating a minimum of half their worth to charity–started by Warren Buffett and taken up by some of the biggest names we know in the world of the rich), it seems incongruous that so many others of the top echelon of earnings would tighten up their purse strings.

Now, more than ever, think about giving hours instead of dollars. Writing a check is a wonderful thing, but sweat equity in a charitable organization is priceless. It may be easier on your lifestyle to give time rather than money, or it may be more difficult, but showing up, reporting for duty, is a huge thing. Even if it doesn’t look like the way in which you’ve supported your causes in the past–you still want to support. Volunteer.


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