Snow Dogs

SO the STORM OF THE CENTURY had pretty much petered out by the time it reached us in southwestern Connecticut, but we got a few inches of snow. Enough to goof around and try to sled in the back yard today, wishing for a longer run and our husky, who is no longer with us, to tow us.

Dog sledding always kind of creeped me out–it seemed like something you’d have to whip the dogs to do–get them riled and force them to drag you along. I had the chance to dog sled in Quebec a few years ago while I was staying at the Ice Hotel, and I was AMAZED at how much the dogs wanted to run and run and run–they couldn’t get enough, they were desperate to start and loathe to rest, and they were cared for and respected in a really lovely way. Everyone was ALL ABOUT the dogs. Changed my mind completely.

DogsTrust was founded in 1891 and is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK, caring for over 16,000 dogs. Their Arctic Dog Sledding Challenge is a fund-raising trip 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle region in Sweden–a seven-day intensive sledding excursion through magnificent terrain, raising money and awareness for the care of British canines. The trip is back in 2010 due to popular demand, and is actually happening four separate times: February 12-18, February 19-25, March 5-11, and March 12-18.


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