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Following in Their Footsteps

One of the causes of trepidation when you embark upon a volunteer adventure is our very human fear of the unknown. I always recommend that you vet a possible service trip you might be considering by interviewing, by phone and/or email questions, the organizers—and you should also ask to speak with past participants/graduates of the volunteer trip.

The Omprakash Foundation is a service organization “wiki” website, user-generated information posted via social media, YouTube videos, and reviews and feedback for international grassroots educational and service projects.

As their websites says, in an effort to allow all of us to play a role in social change, “…as people young and old travel the world to volunteer and build relationships with scattered schools and libraries, we invite them to bring these educational projects into the Omprakash network.

Each project is given the opportunity to represent its own needs on this website, and to make public its wish for volunteers, money, curricular materials, and the like. Omprakash responds to these needs by helping the world learn about them: once informed about the many foreign educational projects that need books, buildings, teachers, and other material resources, members of the Omprakash network realize that they can make a difference, and are inspired to donate or raise funds and collect other material resources under the umbrella of Omprakash. Likewise, by providing people with informational and financial resources that enable them to volunteer around the world, Omprakash also helps foreign projects find the human resources that they need.”

Read and watch to learn about the experiences of those that have already done the work you are considering…find the organization with which you’d like to partner to CHANGE THE WORLD, and start packing.


Yesterday, a snatch-the-breath-right-out-of-your-body film project called HOME launched in movie theatres (catch it wide screen if available near you) and on the Internet. I pretty much defy you to see the stunning beauty captured by the aerial cameras of Yann Arthus-Bertrand and not have your heartstrings tugged. It is about an hour and a half of amazing high def visuals (and terrific music too) that will make you think about why we are here and whether we are making good use of our time on this planet.

You can’t watch it and come away unaffected

You can’t watch it and remain uninvolved

…watch it

(YouTube link to full-length movie here)