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Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: The Heroes Project


Image: The Heroes Project

The Heroes Project works with veterans and military families, via three main programs, to better the care and protection of returned heroes. Hope for Heroes works with advocacy and action groups who are dedicated to creating a health community based on service to veterans and their families. Voices for Heroes encompasses media campaigns to raise public awareness and highlight the success stories of veteran care. The third arm of the organization is my fave: Climbs for Heroes supports mountain climbing programs for wounded soldiers and vets. Founder Tim Medvetz is planning climbs to the world’s “Seven Summits” (the highest peak of each continent) with wounded warriors. Can you imagine someone who has lost one or both legs, or sustained other devastating injuries, standing at the apex of Everest or Kilimanjaro, having fought through all the impossibility of the plan, and getting there anyway? It must be such a dropping away of limitations and definitions that don’t serve the hugeness of human spirit. I love the idea and the project. You can support the overall mission, or support individual climbers here, read their stories, decide that you’re not willing to play small either, and give generously.


True Independence Day: Help a Soldier Get a Service Dog

Between now and the Fourth of July, use the power of social media to give life- (and spirit-) saving service dogs to veterans. For every 1,000 facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest followers that Dog Bless You gets between now and Independence Day, they will give a trained service dog to an injured war veteran. The group will donate up to 76 dogs (the campaign is nicknamed the “Spirit of 76”) and so far they have already donated 23. Service dogs for returning soldiers can make the difference between a life of dependence and some domestic freedom, as well as a beacon of light for some with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, those who have lost limbs or sight, and they serve as that amazing best friend to wounded warriors. The healing power of a dog by your side has been studied and proven time and again, from blood pressure and stress limiting to being trained to perform vital mobility tasks…not to mention that intangible, bigger-than-words bond we create with them. This costs you nothing but a click, and can be the gift that truly gives life and light. Help place a dog into a home that desperately needs it. How easy is that?