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Today, March 22, is World Water Day, via the United Nations, giving international focus to freshwater needs of people around the world, and the importance to life and food security, of getting water into every community. Over a billion of us don’t have adequate drinking water for survival, much less hygiene. In many communities, women or children must walk many miles/hours just to procure water for each day’s use (which means that time is NOT being spent caring for families, working to support the family, or going to school). Dehydration and contaminated water kill some of us hour by hour, 365 days a year.

Gulp down a big glass, because you can, and celebrate that fact (and enjoy it as well, since most of us don’t hydrate enough for optimum health) and then get involved. Support or Water People or one of the many outstanding organizations trying to bring access to this most basic and fundamental human need. After oxygen, we need water most. If there is not enough for all, that means there is not enough. Period. We can spread the wet wealth, as long as we are dedicated to the cause of prioritizing survival for everyone in our global family.

World Water Day

I’m in Boston for business this week, and today it has been drizzling rain all day. It’s wet, but not particularly cold as spring is knocking at the door. If I stand outside this great inn where I am staying, I could tip my head up to the sky and catch the light rain on my tongue. I’ve never wanted for clean drinking water—never been without. Never been sick and thirsty with the lack of water to drink.

But millions are. 890 million people don’t have access to clean drinking water. Today is World Water Day, but every day should be. Without water to drink, every other ill in the world, from hunger and disease to poverty and oppression, have to be second priority.

Won’t you join efforts with one of the global clean water charities that are doing everything possible to hydrate all? It is the ground level, the very base of progress…and without it we cannot grow.

Unshaken is a piece (clip below) from charity: water about the clean water crisis in Haiti since the earthquake. There is hope—and there is need, for you.