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W.E.D. Raise Your Voice Not the Sea Level

WED_2014_EN_LNow that summer has unofficially kicked off with Memorial Day, there’s another red-letter day to heed before we get to the Fourth of July. The warm weather canon of holidays now includes World Environment Day on June 5, and it is a big ol’ green ol’ deal. Earmarked by the United Nations as  a day to raise awareness of and action for the ecosystem, it has grown to be celebrated in over 100 nations.

In that good bumper-sticker-as-a-roadmap-for-life vein, this World Environment Day (W.E.D.), consider ways to “Think Globally. Act Locally.” The theme this year is all about islands–2014 is the “Year of the Small Island Developing States.” It is particularly poignant as a theme, since if the planet’s sea levels rise, just a bit, islands begin to be overcome by rising tides. The Maldives, for instance, are the most vulnerable nation, since many of that archipelago’s multi-island land masses are mere feet above sea level. Small islands are the canary in the coal mine for the rest of us–it isn’t a huge step from low-lying islands being swamped to our coastal cities flooding.

How will you make your voice heard for the environment this year? You can create and register an event in your community or look for people near you that are already planning action days: clean up campaigns, food waste reduction initiatives, walk-to-work days, plastic bans, art exhibits, tree-planting drives, concerts, dance recitals, recycling drives, social media campaigns, and different contests  — every action counts. Check out the website (, you might be surprised at how many of your neighbors care as much as you do. Even celebrities are in on it. UNEP GOODWILL AMBASSADORS Giselle Bündchen, Don Cheadle, Ian Somerhalder, and Yaya Touré are leading big action challenges. So jump in, the water’s fine…so far…


Pupils from Juja Preparatory School plant trees

Pupils from Juja Preparatory School plant trees

Each year, June 5 is World Environment Day, a day marked by the United Nations to bring global awareness to stewardship of the planet. This year’s theme is “Your Planet Needs You.” No kidding…

If you don’t make every day World Environment Day, you’re letting the rest of us down. This year’s UN event is hosted by Mexico–Mexico City, of course, is one of the most polluted cities in the world, and Swine Flu, drug cartel violence, and several recent earthquakes make Mexico a tough sell these days. When a destination is hardest hit is when we need to roll up our sleeves and work most diligently.

So have you booked your Mexico trip yet?

Part of WED (World Environment Day) is the worldwide “Billion Tree Campaign” and Mexico is taking on getting 25% of those seedlings into the ground.

Click here for a list of daily tips to make small changes in your own life to help the issue of climate change. It is definitely your/our responsibility to help take us off the crash course on which we find ourselves.