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World Book Night—Be an Official Giver

1335451_40273159You have until Friday, January 25, to apply to be a Giver for World Book Night 2013.
Just like in previous years, 30 books have been chosen by a group of booksellers and librarians, specifically for the hopeful ability to inspire more reading. These titles will be the cornerstone of World Book Night (which will actually occur in April), and free copies of these popular books will be handed out by citizen distributors like you. When you become a giver, you’ll receive 20 free copies of your chosen book, then take to the streets to give them away and spread the love of reading. For this worldwide event, authors waive their royalties and publishers pay for the printing of official Book Night editions, all for the sake of getting people to turn the pages and rediscover the written word. The goal is to reach light readers and non-readers.
It’s a great list this year, including titles like The Handmaid’s Tale, Fahrenheit 451Girl With a Pearl Earring, The Alchemist, Bossypants, Looking for Alaska, The Phantom Tollbooth, Moneyball, Me Talk Pretty One Day, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, and more.
Whaddya say? Want to get out and give just for the sake of giving, knowing that you may very well be putting the match to the tinder that will smolder and eventually flame for a newly passionate reader? Last year, more than half a million free books were handed out in the U.S. alone. Apply here (no later than Friday).

World Book Night–April 23–Be a Giver

Ready to do a little advance planning? Mark April 23 in your calendar. It is the date that Shakespeare died. Also Cervantes. Plus it is UNESCO’s International Day of the Book. It is also World Book Night, when tens of thousands of volunteers in the US, UK, and Ireland will go out into their communities and give away free books to celebrate literacy and the joy of reading. You can sign up to be a giver here. All you’ll need to do is pick up 20 books (no, it doesn’t cost you money) and commit to distributing them on that night–to non-readers or light readers. Pass them out on the street, in a coffee house, at the gym, at a hospital, shopping mall, train or subway, school…and they are great books (special not-for-resale World Book Night editions are donated and sponsored by publishers and booksellers). Find the list of thirty 2012 titles for the giveaway here (I’ve only read some of these–would love to read several more!)

A million best-selling books will be given away free. This is one night a year–and should, hopefully, inspire more patrons to support booksellers and libraries year ’round. Spread the passion for reading, and get some folks reading!