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Wolf Mountain Sanctuary

16792_9961A buddy of mine recently posted on facebook the most amazing photos of him with a bunch of wolves. In addition to sending me over the moon with jealousy, I had to know more about where that was–since moving from Connecticut, and the nearby Wolf Conservation Center, I’d been missing los lobos.

Well, turns out that here in Southern California, in Lucerne Valley, Wolf Mountain Sanctuary maintains a similar mission, to educate the public and protect the wolf population in captivity and in the wild. Since 1980, rescued injured and abused wolves are brought to the sanctuary, which becomes their forever home. This is one of the few sanctuaries where you can, as a visitor, interact with a full grown pure wolf. Since the rescues cannot be rehabilitated for wild re-release, they must become socialized to human contact for their own preservation–not as pets, in fact far from it–but as interdependent creatures. Wolves are such an important link in the ecosystem, but humans have nearly decimated them, due to misunderstanding and ignorance. Hunting is again on the rise, so the future, which for a while had some rays of hope, grows more bleak as wolves are incorrectly demonized and shot, trapped, and poisoned. It is believed their numbers are down to about 3,000 now, in the wild, stuck in severely restricted/overbuilt habitat ranges.

I hope you’ll consider donating, or adopting a wolf, and maybe even plan a visit–I know I am.

Oh Idaho…

1083809_11254152On Monday, three days from now, the state of Idaho will launch the sale of 70,000 hunting permits to shoot and kill native wolves. That amounts to 318 guns for each of the 220 wolves targeted. There are only about a thousand wolves in the state, and the government plan is to cull more than 20% of them. Of course, the repurcussions are larger than the slaughtered majestic animals…lots of wolf pups born since the mating season will be orphaned, not yet armed with the skills to feed and protect themselves.

Here’s a lovely detail–(gosh I love politicians–they truly are, on the whole, the best of the best of us, aren’t they. Surely the sarcasm is evident here, right?). The [Idaho] state legislature has declared that it wants to remove all wolves from the state “by whatever means necessary” and Governor Butch Otter has declared he wants to be the first one to buy a ticket to shoot a wolf. He literally howled with delight when Interior Secretary Ken Salazar eliminated Endangered Species Act protections for wolves.


Demonizing wolves is such a weird trend. It’s so very Little Red Riding Hood and not based in reality. There is a wolf refuge program near me, in South Salem, New York (the Wolf Conservation Center), and I’ve got to tell you, the wolves are magnificent. Truly regal. Visit if you can.

Think of donating time, money, and help getting the word out. There is no justifiable reason for systematic slaughter of wolves. It does not make ecological nor rational sense, and unlike “sport” hunting–nobody is going to dress and eat the wolves they shoot.

Save Wolves with clicking over to this link, or

Biosphere Expeditions

turtleTin or Aluminum—those are the traditional gifts to celebrate the tenth anniversary (Really? Here Dear…here’s a can…or some lovely foil)

2009 is the ten year anniversary of the launch of conservation travel company, Biosphere Expeditions. Keep your tin pie pan, but think about using Biosphere for vacation planning. This UK-based charitable holiday company has several trips in destinations not well-covered by other voluntour providers. In addition to animal projects in Brazil, Peru, or Honduras, more esoteric offerings include: A snow leopard conservation excursion in the Altai in Central Asia; Arabian leopards in Oman; Whales, dolphins, and sea turtles in the Azores; and wolves and lynx in Slovakia.

Projects are always designed and run by local scientists so you’ll avoid that whole overlording-experts-from-far-away-telling-local-communities-what-they-need dynamic. Immerse yourself in a two-week project, a briefer one-week program, or “taster” weekends, if the boss won’t give you enough time off.

Happy Anniversary!