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Mountains for Water—New Trip with Elevate Destinations

The severe, debilitating drought that struck Kenya at the end of the last century is still being felt, and causing suffering, today. Communities, livestock, and wild animals struggle for water, leading to entire communities—human and other animals—fighting dehydration and its attendant health issues. On example is the prevalence of trachoma, which can lead to painful blindness. A relatively simple reservoir system can make all the difference to people living in the area…and YOU can make all the difference by participating in this trip of a lifetime from Elevate Destinations.

You and your fellow intrepid travelers will climb Mount Kilimanjaro (I’ve been aching to do this for YEARS! I dream about Kili!) to raise funds and awareness. The money raised from this educational trip will build a rainwater reservoir for a rural community in Northern Kenya. This is a 7-day ascent of the highest free standing mountain in the world, on one of the most scenic routes, with the support of professional guides and support staff. Cross a huge entry off your bucket list, and make a lasting change for a community in need. Your efforts can literally save lives and certainly improve the health of the region. There are still a few slots left for this January journey.

I have traveled with this terrific company before (to volunteer in Haiti) and I can promise you I will travel with them again–I recommend them so highly. When you’re there, at the summit of Kili, tell the Mountain I hope to see it soon!

Biosphere Expeditions

turtleTin or Aluminum—those are the traditional gifts to celebrate the tenth anniversary (Really? Here Dear…here’s a can…or some lovely foil)

2009 is the ten year anniversary of the launch of conservation travel company, Biosphere Expeditions. Keep your tin pie pan, but think about using Biosphere for vacation planning. This UK-based charitable holiday company has several trips in destinations not well-covered by other voluntour providers. In addition to animal projects in Brazil, Peru, or Honduras, more esoteric offerings include: A snow leopard conservation excursion in the Altai in Central Asia; Arabian leopards in Oman; Whales, dolphins, and sea turtles in the Azores; and wolves and lynx in Slovakia.

Projects are always designed and run by local scientists so you’ll avoid that whole overlording-experts-from-far-away-telling-local-communities-what-they-need dynamic. Immerse yourself in a two-week project, a briefer one-week program, or “taster” weekends, if the boss won’t give you enough time off.

Happy Anniversary!