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Tax Day Commitments

It’s tax day…that day when we all share a grumble that dollars are going out of our pockets…and hoping that a few will come back in refunds. If you have an unexpected windfall from your tax returns, have you considered donating some of that to a charity you support? Do you owe Uncle Sam? Then, alternatively, how about giving some time to a charity you know and love, or a new one you’d like to know more about.

If you’re looking for a way to give back, and perhaps can be a bit more generous with donated HOURS as opposed to donated dollars…have a spin around the website Charity Guide. They are committed to making volunteerism fit into your lifestyle and availability. Volunteer opportunities are broken down into many cross-referenced categories, and especially handy are the tabs to click if you only have 15 minutes to give, a few hours, or are looking for something to do on a volunteer vacation. It is all about flexibility and doing work that is immediately actionable. Any day, but especially on tax day with all it’s extra stresses and deadlines, finding ways to fit generosity into our busy lives is a boon.

Why and How

Sorry for the radio silence in postings–we had some serious and damaging storms in my neck of the woods over the weekend–I’ve never seen storm damage like that in this area of the Northeast. My power has been out since Saturday and they’re saying it’ll still be a few more days–trying to charge up devices and do a blog post on the fly from in town or finally getting into the city for work today.

This video is a nice and thoughtful explanation about why we volunteer and the power we find in doing this work. It is specifically generated from folks in the San Francisco Bay Area, but relates to all of this…enjoy.