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The Great Primate Handshake

This is a fascinating opportunity to volunteer for conservation of primate species of the world: The Great Primate Handshake seeks to educate and raise awareness of the work of primate sanctuaries and conservation work, via new media. Be a worker on video, photography, writing, web production, and more, while working directly with sanctuaries across Africa.

25% of the world’s primate species are near extinction. Chimps, vervet monkeys, colobus monkeys, bonobos…you name it, if it is a great ape or primate in Africa (and a few extended special projects–like one for Orangutans), this mobile production team uses state-of-the-art technology to promote the conservation work of so many, at no cost to the sanctuaries. Volunteers with a wide array of experience (and desire to learn new skills) join expeditions. On an expedition you will get digital media training and guidance; have access to HD cameras, laptops, etc; travel with your team via overland expedition vehicles; camp and stay at hostels; be provided three vegetarian meals per day; have game drive and safari opportunities; visit famous landmarks and natural sites; connect with and work alongside local conservation experts; and truly get to know our nearest evolutionary neighbors.

It seems like a supremely engaging project to me. When I was a toddler, I climbed up the backs of furniture long before I could walk, and everyone said I was part monkey–so I’m all about this! Shall we make a plan to meet there?!

The Nature of Wildworks–Volunteering in the Animal Kingdom

Someone recently told me a bit about The Nature of Wildworks, a charitable organization in Topanga, California, that is dedicated to interactive wildlife education programs, to enhance our understanding and respect for wild animals while simultaneously ensuring lifetime quality care for non-releasable wild animals. The facility is currently home to 45 wild animals that have been displaced from zoos, confiscated from people who had been keeping them as illegal “pets,” or rescued orphaned and injured animals. Most of the species living out their lives here are native to California, including snakes, birds of prey, bobcat, coyote, wolf, fox, skunk, opossum, tortoise, and more…even a blind mountain lion named Pirate. These are well cared for and highly respected animals who also work hard in the field of education. Many of the animals make classroom visits to teach kids about the amazing world outside their doors, and how to take a stand and care for wildlife.

Volunteers make the world of Nature of Wildworks go ’round, including direct animal care (after appropriate training classes and orientation). There is also volunteer need for such tasks as wildlife presentation, fundraising, clerical/office, construction, grant writing, advertising, or some other as-yet-unthought-of way for you to contribute your talents and passion. Check them out…WRITE a check to support them (tax-deductible), and align yourself with their mission to make sure we all respect and care for wild animals.

Video below is of Pirate, the blind mountain lion, and his pumpkin…LOVE HIM!!!