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Disaster Relief

It is an incredibly turbulent time in terms of natural disasters/incidents in too many parts of the world right now. Indonesia, Vietnam, and American Samoa have been ravaged by disasters in the last week. Typhoon Ondy ripped through Vietnam with torrential rain, causing widespread flooding and loss of life. An 8.0 magnitude earthquake triggered tsunamis in the Pacific and decimated villages in American Samoa, Samoa, and Tonga. Indonesia was slammed by a 7.6 earthquake. The death tolls are in the thousands in these areas, and the secondary effects (when we read reports on loss of human life, other effects are noted as secondary) include thousands of lost and homeless surviving pets, and washed up/stranded sea creatures. There is a particularly large number of sea turtles that have been stranded.

Aid groups are on the ground doing their best to distribute medical care, food, water, clothing, and other emergency services–and the need is dire.

The Huffington Post has this list, updated regularly, of aid and outreach programs working in these regions.Go and work your way through it.

Here is your chance…this blog tends to sometimes be esoteric, and most often ask you to look for ways to be actively participating in making a difference instead of just letting your checkbook do the work…but this is when donations are what is most needed from afar. There really isn’t time to waste–if a donation can fit into your world, find one of these outstanding organizations working in these regions, and make it happen.

Huffington Post

Huffington Post

Adventure Philanthropy

rm_sidebarROAD MONKEY

A former New York Times Iraq war correspondent formed Road Monkey in 2008 as an alternative way to travel off the beaten path. His trips are adventure excursions (2009 offerings include biking through Vietnam with days of service work at an orphanage for children born with HIV, and climbing  Mt. Kilimanjaro with project efforts to build a clean water system and do local school improvements) with a great get-your-hands-dirty service element built in. Travel groups are kept small and projects are in partnership with local community organizations so efforts and energy are not diluted through lots of middlemen. The founder, Paul von Zielbauer, leads each expedition personally and has a refreshing “We are explorers on a journey, not tourists on a schedule” philosophy. Participants are asked to fund-raise (US$500 tax deductible donations from your own social/work network) as a contribution for the community partner organizations in the destinations.

I would do his Tanzania ADVENTURE PHILANTHROPY trip in a heartbeat.

Shall we plan to meet there?