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September 11—Cycle for Heroes

20914_CYCLE-FOR-HEROES-2013_EMAIL_IMAGEI share numerous organizations and events here, every one of which would benefit from your support in both financial donations and volunteer effort…and sometimes even ask for your support for a charitable event in which I am participating. I don’t ever want to contribute to donor exhaustion, potentially numbing you to the need around every bend by hitting you up too often, so I am always very cautious about which fundraising events I invite you into on my behalf.

This is one of those, not because you are expected to whip out your wallet, but because so many of you express appreciation for learning about organizations that spark an interest or passion in you to engage on your own level, perhaps even participating alongside. I’d much prefer you actively involved over donating dollars.

Visit the website for more information about this event I will be doing on September 11, in honor of wounded veterans. Cycle for Heroes is a philanthropic stationary bike ride–a three-hour spin workout–outside on the Santa Monica pier, raising funds and awareness for The Heroes Project. This 100% volunteer-driven organization (another, higher profile wounded veteran support organization’s executive director drew more than $400,000 personal salary from the charity last year. Conversely, The Heroes Project has no paid staff–only volunteers) is dedicated to improving the care and protection of our returning heroes, while breaking boundaries by leading climbing expedition to the summits of the world’s largest mountains with wounded marines, soldiers, and veterans. In Addition to their “Climb for Heroes” initiative, there is also “Hope for Heroes” that expands and supports community service programs for veterans, and the “Voices for Heroes” project, that educates the public and media about caring for veterans and military families.

There is still time to reserve a bike for this rock n’ roll event on 9/11. There will be over 300 of us sweating under Santa Monica skies to thumping soundtracks, led by expert spin instructors, and pedaling side-by-side with wounded warriors, families, and celebrities (Cher was in the saddle last year).

If you can’t make it to the evening’s occasion, and would like to support the important work of this organization, my secure, personal fundraising page is here. Any donation of any size is a fantastic push forward.


Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: The Heroes Project


Image: The Heroes Project

The Heroes Project works with veterans and military families, via three main programs, to better the care and protection of returned heroes. Hope for Heroes works with advocacy and action groups who are dedicated to creating a health community based on service to veterans and their families. Voices for Heroes encompasses media campaigns to raise public awareness and highlight the success stories of veteran care. The third arm of the organization is my fave: Climbs for Heroes supports mountain climbing programs for wounded soldiers and vets. Founder Tim Medvetz is planning climbs to the world’s “Seven Summits” (the highest peak of each continent) with wounded warriors. Can you imagine someone who has lost one or both legs, or sustained other devastating injuries, standing at the apex of Everest or Kilimanjaro, having fought through all the impossibility of the plan, and getting there anyway? It must be such a dropping away of limitations and definitions that don’t serve the hugeness of human spirit. I love the idea and the project. You can support the overall mission, or support individual climbers here, read their stories, decide that you’re not willing to play small either, and give generously.