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VDay and One Billion Rising to End Violence Against Women and Girls

1085093_59419201My mother was completely over the moon for Eve Ensler and The Vagina Monologues. I took her to see the show in New York when it was still a relatively young project, and she left the theatre lobby weighed down with buttons and programs and books and more. It became so important to her each year as the movement for VDay grew to international proportions—every Valentine’s Day performers around the world read the play as a stand against violence toward women and girls. Now a global movement against violence, this year’s VDay events include One Billion Rising.

Watch the video and be inspired…not GET inspired, but BE inspired, in the way your heart whispers to you that you must…in the way your thoughts shout to you that you must…in the way the situation cries out to you that enough is enough and it is simply unacceptable, untenable, unpardonable to treat our family this way.

This is our family, yours and mine. For god’s sake, rise and make noise, rise and make a difference, rise and be counted, rise and refuse to go on one day more earning the shame of our numbness. Dare to love yourself enough to demand better. On Valentine’s Day, listen to your heart. It knows.