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Join Me on a Service Vacation In Haiti This Summer!

One of my favorite friends from my last trip to Jacmel, Haiti.

Hey Everyone–I am co-leading a volunteer/service trip to Haiti this summer. Join us! The trip is with Elevate Destinations, the same organization I was lucky enough to travel with to volunteer after the earthquake. There is a one-week and a two-week option (July 22-30 or July 22-August 5) and we will be teaching/leading a summer camp/leadership academy for youth ages 5-25 in the afternoons, while our mornings are spent on reforestation and construction programs. It takes place in Cyvadier, on the southern coast, not far from Jacmel. I would be thrilled to answer questions and give you more information if you want to chew on the idea of coming along–I promise you will come home a different person and will be so deeply moved by this experience.

The in-country project partner is Let Haiti Live, working to strengthen Haitian independence and self-determination, with a focus on alternative media, education, and community mobilization; reforestation; and international advocacy. It is an honor to work with such a dedicated organization.

If you’ve ever considered service travel, see if this feels like a fit. Feel free to ask questions or add comments here, or email me directly at: More details of the trip can be found here (1-week trip details) and here (2-week trip). Come on–this will be unlike any summer you’ve known!

Flight of Friendship—Volunteering in Japan

AP photo/The Yomiuri Shimbun, Reiri Kurihara

Disaster relief volunteering is always a delicate measure with timing. The quick arrival of skilled volunteers for emergency medical relief or shelter work is one thing, but when it can be effective and productive for the rest of us, as dedicated but lay volunteers, always takes a little longer. Elevate Destinations, with whom I did my post-earthquake volunteering in Haiti, has an inspiring focus on “Urgent Service” volunteer trips (including continuing work in Haiti as well as cleanup in the Gulf from the BP oil spill), and with their partner network of in-country NGOs, truly understands the timing.

Flight of Friendship is an Oregon-based organization that previously brought volunteers to projects in post-tsunami Thailand and post-hurricane New Orleans…and they are ready to get volunteers into the earthquake and tsunami-ravaged communities of Japan. Their humanitarian excursion is May 29-June 4, and while brief, is designed to have a definite impact (and like all volunteering, the person doing the volunteer work always comes away with more than the person or community being served. We truly help ourselves when helping others). The first days are in Tokyo to be briefed on conditions and expectations, then the group moves on to Sendai to assist at shelters, orphanages, and schools. It would be a huge thing to take on while the situation is still so raw.

Are you ready? They are definitely ready for you.