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2011–International Year of Forests

So when I watched the ball drop at the New Year (in the warm comfort of home instead of out in the craziness that is New Year’s Eve partying), I had no idea that, in addition to welcoming in a year of incredible new experiences and better days than much of the previous year, we were also ushering in the International Year of Forests. The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 2011 as the year to focus on the global tree canopy, sustainable management, conservation, and sustainable development, to “celebrate forests for people.”

There are forest-related events around the world throughout this year (find the official calendar here) as well as resources for educators–and those educating ourselves–so we can turn cocktail party conversation to cocktail party conservation brainstorming and movements…and action. There is also an International Forests Film Festival (part of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival) with screenings starting at the end of this month, and ongoing news about the United Nations Forum on Forests.

My favorite film in elementary school, shown over and over each year, was Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax with its ecology messages. “I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees!” Time for all of us to do so.

A Big Week for the Global Community

It’s a big week–United Nations General Assembly, Clinton Global Initiative, and dozens of ancillary events taking advantage of the gift and opportunity of having most of the world’s leaders together in New York City…together with devotion to solving the world’s problems and moving the GLOBAL community forward.

It is Monday morning…so much to do.