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Tees for Change

I could, of course, focus many many blog posts a day between now and the end of the holiday season exclusively on gift ideas. There are so many socially and environmentally conscious products out there—more every day—and I can’t even begin to scratch the surface. Don’t worry–I won’t make this a conscious living Home Shopping Club–but every now and again, a product comes to my attention that I want to share.

This is not just a great gift idea, but a product you can feel good about buying for yourself too. You deserve a little something, now, when you are focused on giving to others based on a holiday—or later, when you are focused on giving to others just because that’s what you do. Tees for Change is a t-shirt company that gives back while inspiring. The messages and graphics are simple: “Laugh Often” (the one I got that I could wear every day–it is so much softer than most tees, if I had more, I’d don them every day and cycle through until laundry day each week), “Choose Happiness” “Live Fully” “Today Matters” “Practice Kindness” “Seek Balance” and more. The colors are vivid, the fabrics are organic cotton or bamboo, and purchasing them is also a way to give back. In addition to being earth-friendly in their manufacture, and mind-friendly in their message, Tees for Change are also planet-friendly in their practice–for every shirt you buy, they plant a tree in their partnership with Trees for the Future, an organization committed to restoring degraded land to vital and sustainable productivity.

Get a gift, and give a gift to the world–not a bad equation for this, or any season.