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Stand Up To Cancer–Cooperation? We’re Not Used to That

Tonight there is a television broadcast unlike most we are used to…we are so used to, perhaps even inured to the vitriol and opposition of our broken political process…so I see this as a breath of fresh air.

Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) is having a monumental show TONIGHT, and you an tune in. It’ll be easy, you pretty much just have to turn on the darn TV and you’ll be on the right channel–because in a huge spirit of putting competition aside for the greater good (did you hear that Washington?), a huge number of channels are simultaneously broadcasting the program. ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, HBO 7 HBO Latino, Biography, Lifetime Movie Network, LOGO, MLB, mun2, Palladia, VH1, STARZ, and ENCORE are all showing the same show. (8:00pm ET/PT, 7:00CT)

Pop some popcorn, grab a drink, and flip on the boob tube—and be sure to have your wallet close by–this is a fundraiser and 100% of your donation will go to collaborative cancer research.

It’s time for all to cooperate, and kick cancer’s ass.

Major League Baseball Charities

So…baseball…seems it’s starting up or some such thing. Have you heard? Probably not since everyone keeps so quiet about it.

Hot dog and warm beer consumption is about to skyrocket, but in addition to getting hoarse from yelling and a major sunburn, your support of the teams of the Major League ripples outward and becomes support of a whole slew of charitable organizations on local, national, and international levels. The Major League Baseball Charities focus is particularly on the promotion of good health, physical education, public safety, medical research, and literacy. The official baseball charity is Boys & Girls Clubs of America, but there are plenty of other organizations getting support from local teams and the league as a whole. Some of these are: 4ALS (ALS is knowns as Lou Gehrig’s Disease), Baseball Assistance Team (B.A.T. – providing grants for care for players past and present, and their families), Baseball Tomorrow Fund (promoting baseball for youth), Breaking Barriers (focusing on character education for youth), DrugFree.orgJackie Robinson Foundation (providing higher education for underserved youth), Natural Resources Defense CouncilPlay Sun Smart (partnering with the dermatology field to educate about skin cancer), Stand Up To CancerWelcome Back Veterans, and many more.

So support your team in supporting our communities, and maybe even throw a little love the way of these charities above and beyond the diamond.

#beatcancer Today

This is easy…

Last year, a Guinness World Record was set by Everywhere, out of Atlanta, Georgia, for the “Most Widespread Social Network Message” with #beatcancer. In 24 hours the one-word phrase #beatcancer set the record contributing to the 209,771 unique mentions on Twitter, Facebook, and blog posts.

Today, at 9AM PST, noon on the East Coast, this year’s 24-hour period begins—a chance to participate to beat the World Record AND raise some money for the cause.

To participate simply add the hashtag #beatcancer (all one word) to any tweet, Facebook status update, or blog post. That’s it. Anyone who adds this phrase ensures that in addition to a world record, money will be donated to further the efforts of selected non-profit cancer organizations. PayPal and SWAGG will donate a nickel for every mention to the organizations LIVESTRONG Foundation, Bright Pink, and Stand Up To Cancer.

So what are you waiting for? Post away.