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The Gift of Warmth

1126722_97747723It is wicked cold by LA standards here tonight–wind has been whipping fiercely all day, freaking my dogs out. When we moved here from Connecticut, I had fantasies about never again wearing anything heavier than a t-shirt, but today, wait for it…I had to put on a sweatshirt!

I’m making fun of our infamously thin California blood, but of course, being cold in winter, and unable to get warm, is not a joke. Here’s a really cool program that our gas company has launched for the wintertime: the Gas Assistance Fund lets caring customers help less fortunate customers keep their heat turned on. The fund provides emergency bill payment assistance for seniors, the disabled, and the newly unemployed. Every donation made by customers is matched dollar-for-dollar by the gas company, doubling the effect you can have on the lives of your neighbors.

I love it when corporations do the right thing. Do the service industries near you offer something similar? Check websites or call to find out, and give a little warmth for the winter.