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Avatar-like Earth Day

This past weekend was our first trip to the nursery, buying plants, hoping we’ll do better caring for them than in past years. All those plants at all those nurseries and garden centers…root balls in burlap or plastic pots, just waiting to be freed to wriggle their way into the earth…just waiting to increase the health of our world, upping the oxygen, purifying the air…

Even if you can only have a window box with herbs, just think of the difference that makes. What if you have just one tiny pot of chives on a window sill that yields only one cutting for one salad. That is still one bunch of chives that you DIDN’T need to buy at the grocery store. That a truck DIDN’T have to burn gas and pollute the earth to get to you. It matters. Look for the patches of earth, from pots to acres, where you can put down roots.

Sigourney Weaver and James Cameron spent the weekend in Sao Paulo, Brazil, planting the first of a million promised trees in a new green initiative along with Twentieth Century Fox Entertainment and the Earth Day Network. (Avatar is being released on Blu-Ray and DVD on EARTH DAY). James and Sigourney helped plant a pau-brasil, a native tree that is, today, 99% extinct. This worldwide planting project will focus on indigenous trees to maintain eco-system harmony, and partner organizations won’t just plant and run, they take stewardship of the new trees to protect them to maturity.

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to share the environmental messages from Avatar through the efforts during the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day and with Earth Day Network,” said Cameron. “Earth Day Network’s commitment and actions to promote a healthy, sustainable planet go hand-in-hand with the themes of Avatar.”

Grab your shovel…

Acid Test

The Natural Resources Defense Council has released a new film, Acid Test, with Sigourney Weaver (you can watch the full 21+ minute film clip above, or follow the link to the site to also learn a lot more).

The crux of Acid Test is a little talked about result of global climate change and the intense amount of carbon gasses we’ve been releasing into the atmosphere since the Inustrial Revolution— the basic Ph balance of our oceans is shifting. The water on our planet is becoming more acidic–and that makes it less hospitable for most of the life currently calling the oceans home. (Like all change in the planet, it may prove that some species thrive in this comparatively harsher environment, or may evolve to survive in acidic waters–but it is certain that many forms of life will not survive if the shift continues).

Scientific experts believe we can stop our slide down this slippery slope and if we commit ourself to taking better care of the planet, we can improve the health and durability of our oceans…but not if we snooze about it and take this challenge on as slowly and lazily as we have been doing thus far.

Take a little time to watch. It will shift your understanding, and that’s always a good thing.