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Baby Sea Turtles Rockin the Gulf

Nature is pretty amazing. We keep hitting it with our best destructive shot trying to destroy the planet, and Mother Nature might be on the ropes, but she comes back out on top every time. We are overdue for some good news from the Gulf, and there actually is some. Since the BP oil disaster, wildlife officials have just declared the waters of the Gulf of Mexico safe for young sea turtles. The young hatchlings reside on the surface of the water, and since surface oil abatement has been most effective (not so much the dispersed and suspended oil, but surface cleanup is going pretty well), that level can again support life. Additionally, thousands of turtle eggs that were rescued from the spill zone beaches and relocated to Cape Canaveral are now hatching in strong numbers. Most of those hatchlings are being released in the Atlantic Ocean waters instead of the Gulf to maximize their chances of survival.

Barbara Schroeder, the national sea turtle coordinator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, helped plan the desperate rescue. This was an unprecedented effort designed to keep thousands of newly hatched turtles from swimming straight into the gulf’s toxic oil. Biologist, sea turtle specialist, and turtle “midwife” (as described in the St. Petersburg Times) Jane Provancha, said, “It’s not exactly cutting-edge science. It’s mostly just a dramatic conservation action. It’s probably the best action under the worst circumstances.”

Here is the link to CharityGuide and their volunteer opportunities for sea turtle rescue and conservation.

Here are the international volunteer and job listings from

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Sea Turtle Journey Beginning

The lower keys in South Florida are reporting the sea turtle nests are beginning to twitch with hatchling life and the nocturnal journey from sand to sea is beginning for these little guys in Florida and elsewhere (read on below). There is a “Turtle Cam” video camera trained on keys nests, and some nighttime video of the big move that one nest undertook September 1 (here)


This from a press release I received this week:

Sea turtles are making their way back to the shores of Puerto Vallarta in their ancient annual cycle of reproduction. This is a unique educational opportunity where children are sure to have fun while learning about this protected species. Numerous hotels in Puerto Vallarta run a marine turtle conservation and protection program with the help of a professional marine biologist where the eggs are incubated in their nests to best preserve natural conditions. Once the hatchlings are born and ready to be set free into their natural habitat, the various hotels invite their guests to aid in the release of the newborn hatchlings on the beaches so they find their way into the water.

Some of the hotels that participate in the program include the CasaMagna Marriot Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa, Velas Vallarta Suite Resort, Sheraton Buganvillas Resort, Dreams Puerto Vallarta, and Presidente Inter-Continental.

The main objective of the program is to protect the eggs from looting and natural predators in order to help the sea turtle population grow and teach resort guests about environmental conservation. Each night, throughout the sea turtle season, from July to December, resort staff members at properties located along the beach head down to the shore to gather sea turtle eggs. After 45 days of protected incubation, the baby turtles hatch and are later released into the sea by resort guests in company of the marine biologist.

In 2008, more than 81,000 turtles were released from the beaches of Puerto Vallarta of which approximately 8,000 turtles are expected to survive. Within 10 years, the females will return and lay eggs at the same beach they hatched.

Biosphere Expeditions

turtleTin or Aluminum—those are the traditional gifts to celebrate the tenth anniversary (Really? Here Dear…here’s a can…or some lovely foil)

2009 is the ten year anniversary of the launch of conservation travel company, Biosphere Expeditions. Keep your tin pie pan, but think about using Biosphere for vacation planning. This UK-based charitable holiday company has several trips in destinations not well-covered by other voluntour providers. In addition to animal projects in Brazil, Peru, or Honduras, more esoteric offerings include: A snow leopard conservation excursion in the Altai in Central Asia; Arabian leopards in Oman; Whales, dolphins, and sea turtles in the Azores; and wolves and lynx in Slovakia.

Projects are always designed and run by local scientists so you’ll avoid that whole overlording-experts-from-far-away-telling-local-communities-what-they-need dynamic. Immerse yourself in a two-week project, a briefer one-week program, or “taster” weekends, if the boss won’t give you enough time off.

Happy Anniversary!