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Once Upon a School

You know that schools in your area need help.

You know teachers are facing insurmountable difficulties.

You know education budgets have been cut not just to the bone, but the bone has been cut down too.

But do you know how to help?

For some inspiration about how to be of service to schools, teachers, students, and parents, surf over to Once Upon a School, the site that helps you find a creative way of supporting public schools. Plug in your zip code and you’ll find dozens of nearby opportunities to be of service, from running exchange student programs to mentoring to driving a van to night school.

You’ve got the will, let them help you find the way.


AmericaShare is the paradigm-shifting philanthropic arm of Micato Safaris.

Micato does beautiful, luxury African safaris and in spite of being a leader in the industry, still runs the operations like a family business. Several times I’ve met Dennis and Joy Pinto, family owners (his parents started the company in 1966), and have always enjoyed their commitment to the family and embracing clients as personal guests. What truly wins me over, in a huge way, is the Micato commitment to the African village youth in the region where they work. Via the non-profit arm of the company, AmericaShare, Micato works diligently to provide eduction for kids who otherwise wouldn’t be in school, as well as helping populations in Nairobi, Kenya who have been affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

There is now a new initiative they are calling One for One. For every safari booked with Micato, they will assure that an African child is given an education. You go on vacation, and a kid that couldn’t otherwise…goes to school. Almost 50 percent of all children living in the Mukuru slum near Nairobi currently do not attend school – that’s an estimated 100,000 children, ages 6-13. DO you recognize how HUGE that is? The safari trips also always create time to visit the schools and other projects, and you can pitch in and work with kids in a classroom or plant a tree or help in other ways.

To my mind, they have really figured out how to do luxury travel the RIGHT WAY.


It’s Back to School time–a time that bummed me out as a kid, but even the pre-teen me couldn’t deny it was a time of new beginnings.

Last year at this time, Dallas school staffs got together before school began for a rally for education. The keynote speaker was Fifth Grader, Dalton Sherman.

Here is his speech.

If you have a child in your home

On your street

In your city or town or state

Or nation

Or world–you, too, have this responsibility

Rainbow World Fund

This is a newsletter update from Rainbow World Fund, a terrific service and outreach organization about which I’ve written before in magazine and book. They’ve just completed the Summer 09 trip to Guatemala…read on…other projects undertaken by RWF (and trips with which you can get involved) take place in South Africa, Cambodia, and Haiti.

Rainbow Humanitarianism Newsletter

Our Compassion in Action! LGBT People Responding to World Need

RWF returns from Guatemala

In July, a crew of 19 RWF volunteers returned from a 10 day humanitarian aid journey to Guatemala. Over the course of the journey volunteers visited orphanages, schools, medical clinics and human rights projects delivering over 2000 pounds of life saving medications, medical equipment, school supplies, as well as hundreds of stuffed animals and monetary grants. This was RWF’s 6th annual visit to Guatemala. Since 2004 RWF has delivered supplies valued at over $900,000 and distributed $114,000 in grants to projects in Guatemala. Besides delivering much needed aid, the group acted as ambassadors for LGBT human rights, met with individuals and groups, from school children and rural villagers to shamans and religious leaders speaking openly of our experiences as LGBT people. Highlights included visiting a rural junior high school in the Quiche Department to see the computer lab that RWF funded last year up and running.

Click here to read Clint Seiter’s daily photo diary of the journey:
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