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Click a Button, Plant a Tree

We might be filled with best intentions of getting out on our weekends or early mornings before school or work to make the world a better place…but then that darn snooze button calls with its siren song, or vacation plans get scrapped when projects get behind schedule, or a million other reasons keep us stuck in our day-to-day patterns. While there is no substitute for being immersed in service, rubbing elbow-to-sweaty-elbow with locals in a community we visit, seeing the fruits of our labor as the sun begins to set…it is not always feasible to spend the hours helping that we wish we could. Don’t let that stop you.

The travel agency Africa Point LTD as well as Capital FM, East African Wildlife Society, and other partners are planting 10,000 trees on Mount Kenya in an initiative based on social media. Their efforts will begin to address the crisis left by the mountain’s rapidly receding glacier. You can take part in the Save Mount Kenya project, and with a click of a button on your computer, initiate the planting of an actual tree on the African mountain.

save mt. Kenya campaign
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