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Run Forrest Run

tellmanYou can’t ignore the similarities between Tellman Knudson and a certain film character that recognized that life is like a box of chocolates. And Tellman plays up the parallels to the hilt. His long straggly hair blows behind him as he runs across the United States from Manhattan to Santa Monica.

Tellman started his trek September 9…and the kicker here, is he’s doing the entire run barefoot. Ouch. When he completes his run in 99-ish days, he will be the first to do this, following Route 66 much of the way,  in bare feet. His back story is also particularly Forrest Gumpesque as Tellman fought his ADHD and physical difficulties as a youth by immersing himself in running to and from school 7 miles each way and finding solace in his footsteps.

The goal here is not to just cross the country sans shoes, but to use the attention he gets to raise donations for homeless youth. Each year, over two million young people, ages 12-24, will experience a period of homelessness. Over 100,000 American youth will sleep outside for six months or more. Tellman is bringing awareness and funds to organizations specifically focused on homeless youth, including Covenant House.

There’s a GPS system strapped to Tellman each day so you can follow his progress live, read his irreverent blog postings, find out more about him and the journey–and donate for youth.