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Earthwatch Launches 3 New Volunteer Excursions for 2015




Earthwatch, one of the cornerstones of research-based volunteer vacations/service travel trips, is adding three new excursions to their already beefy roster for 2015.

They already have amazing animal, cultural, and environmentally-focused trips around the world, and now there is a new South Africa opportunity (“The Real Shark Week” doing shark research with a scientific team in Walker Bay), Joshua Tree, California (“Old Trees, New Climate” exploring climate change and how it affects this desert bio-region), and Little Cayman Island in the Caribbean (“resilient Reefs” snorkeling and studying the health of the coral reef system).

This company is one of the most trusted, best respected in the business, and the research done by volunteers in conjunction with professional scientific teams (no previous research experience required, just a desire to learn and discover and help in a meaningful way) moves our understanding of the planet forward with every excursion.

If you’re looking for a great way to be of service and be involved in the destinations you visit, now or next year and beyond, check out their diverse offerings…