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Rescue Dogs

As time flies by and the mission in Haiti tips dangerously toward that line of demarcation between “rescue” and “recovery”…some of the hardest working suppliers of assistance are the emergency rescue dogs. They will be the ones to locate survivors, and there are several from agencies from many nations on the ground now, sniffing at rubble, finding life where humans could not determine if anyone is there.

Think about supporting these heroes—here are just a couple of agencies in the US that train, sponsor, and support rescue working dogs.

American Rescue Dog Association

National Association for Search and Rescue

Search Dog Foundation

Animal Magnetism

It’s not ALL about “When Animals Attack” in spite of crappy TV shows designed to frighten. Yes, people are attacked by animals. Yes, animals are attacked by people exponentially more often. This clip is a wonderful reminder of how it can be when we take attack out of the equation…the lion was rescued by this woman 6 years ago, and they see each other every day.

On the topic of rescuing…the recent spate of fires in and around Los Angeles has put an alarming number of animals in danger. Everything from the lions and other big cats at Tippi Hedren’s Shambala Preserve and the Wildlife Waystation to the domestic housepets that were in evacuation areas. Many animals have needed to be relocated or faced evacuation…and evacuating lions, tigers, and bears is no easy task. Some are in temporary shelters and in desperate need of donations to erect emergency shade areas and watering systems for survival until tehy can get back to their homes. Horses from the fire endangered area were being located to emergency facilities at the Pierce College Equestrian Center.

Here is a link to a fantastic site with fire situation updates for the area’s threatened animal service charities and facilities. Kinship Circle Animal Disaster Aid Blog

Won’t you consider helping?