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(RED)Rush to Zero–Fight HIV With Everyday Action

You know how I am about finding ways to do good things for the world and others in ways that don’t take a lot of skin off our noses…there are so many easy ways to give that come from computer clicks or actions you would take anyway, and with a little attention and intention, can make a difference. Starting tomorrow, June 1, and running for ten days, (RED), a division of, is making the stuff of everyday life an avenue toward fighting HIV/AIDS. The new (RED)Rush to Zero campaign gives you the opportunity to join the fight, to eradicate HIV infection by 2015. Today, one thousand children were born infected by HIV. Tomorrow it will happen again, a thousand more, and a thousand every day will join this world with the AIDS virus and/or antibodies in their infant bloodstream. We can bring that number down, from a thousand, to zero.

This action campaign opens a lot of doors and translates into funds and awareness, so all you do is what you already do: check in on Foursquare, buy music on the Internet, buy concert tickets, shop, play XBox and PlayStation games, Tweet, post to facebook, all of it, when put through the (RED) campaign filter, equals blows in the battle. Watch the video below, click around, and learn how to be active in the fight for the next 10 days. You have nothing to lose, and we all have everything to gain. The beginning of the end starts with you.

Forty Cents a Day

Lazarus Effect

Just because Christmas is at our doorstep, doesn’t mean you should stop giving.

Do you need charitable donations for the tax man, before December 31? ONE is an amazing organization, and even if you’ve given until it hurts, you can still go here to take action while keeping your wallet closed. Encourage President Obama to invest in the Global Fund for the end of year budgets and help the world’s most vulnerable countries continue their progress against HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria (all treatable and preventable diseases). The money that could be allocated for this is not instead of healthcare here at home, we’re not robbing Peter to pay Paul–and it will make a world of difference.

Let your voice be heard. Click over and take action.