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Expanded Spring Clean – Great American Cleanup

highway sign for no litterGot those windows washed and drawers organized with your spring cleaning frenzy? (Sorry East Coast–I know only the calendar says it is spring today, NOT Mother Nature!). Look outside your four walls to the larger picture…America.

Keep America Beautiful is the number one non-profit building green and sustainable communities. This year is the seventeenth annual Great American Cleanup, which will get more than four million of us involved volunteering around the country to take local action for positive change. Willing workers help renew parks, rails, and recreation areas and also clean shorelines and waterways, pick up trash, reduce waste and increase recycling efforts, and plant new trees and community gardens.

Last year’s efforts resulted in the removal of 37 million pounds of litter; cleaned 85,901 miles of roadways, trails, and shorelines; cleaned and renewed 130,497 acres of parkland and public space; collected over 250 million pounds of recyclables; and planted 41,000 trees plus 1.5 million flowers and bulbs.

Come on! You want to be a part of THAT! There are over 40,000 events this year, starting now and continuing through the fall. Seek out programs near you via this website, then grab your work gloves, and go!

Heading Into Your Weekend, Remember to ReCORK

794575_88920138Even if you are a teetotaler, you definitely are aware that a summer weekend is a time when lots and lots of wine gets opened and finished. I’d wager a bet that most folks get the bottles into the recycling system more often than not…but what about the corks?

Now, of course, there are lots of very fine wines with screwtops (once upon a time the symbol of rotgut vino, but no more) and plastic corks…but the good old fashioned stripped form the tree cork? Unless you’re collecting them for your next Etsy craft adventure, they probably get tossed in the trash.


Recycle your corks with ReCORK, America’s largest cork recycling initiative. With the help of over 1,700 recycling partners in the wine and hospitality industries, as well as individuals like you and me, they have recycled more than 49 million corks! They grind them up and up cycle them for use in shoes and other consumer goods. Harvesting cork is good for the cork trees and actually extends their lifecycle, and cork represents the lowest carbon footprint of wine stopper options…and now there is an aftermarket solution for responsible continued life. ReCORK goes the extra mile and plants new trees, too—over 8,000 planted so far!

Chances are good that there is a participating center or retailer near you that will receive your gathered corks—check for drop-off locations at this link. It’s a great and celebratory way to engage and get involved in the recycling/sustainability world…and besides…you don’t really want that wine cork bulletin board up on your wall, do you?

Choose to Reuse


That’s the link for a new contest, sponsored by Greenwala and Hewlett Packard, where they are challenging you to find new ways to reuse items that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Greenwala is an eco-focused online social network that also has links to hundreds of green products, news about the environment, avenues to activism, and more. To enter the contest, take a photo of your creative reuse—making a fishtank out of an old TV, jewlery from computer motherboards, whatever your inspiration—and upload it to the site by August 31. The winner gets a new computer or printer (be sure to creatively make use of your old one), and HP is making a donation to ACTERRA (action for a healthy planet).

While you’re exploring the Greenwala site, join up…they plant a tree for every new member.