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Shopping: Peace Bomb Bracelets

So you might already be tying ribbon on the last of the packages to go under the tree, but I love this product, which would make a great gift any time of year (and yes, you can get gifts for yourself too. In fact, I highly recommend it!)

Peace Bomb Bracelets from Article 22 are aluminum bracelets made from bombs that were dropped in Laos. Laos is the most-bombed country in the world…for nine years, the US dropped 2 million tons of ordnance, averaging one B-52 bomb load every 8 minutes, 24/7…

Artisans reclaim exploded bomb pieces and melt down the aluminum to form these simple bracelets. For only fifteen bucks for a single or 38 dollars for three you help the livelihood of families in a Naphia village, and additionally, a donation is made to the community bank that makes micro loans to poor families in the region. Other infrastructure projects funded by the bracelet sales include roads, light poles, and electricity for the school.