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Madonna Quietly Follows Through

After some rough patches with her foundation: bad land choices displacing and upsetting local communities, corruption amid the staff hired to do the foundation’s groundwork, abandoning her Girls’ Academy…she has come through, quietly, without much fanfare, and completed building ten schools in Malawi this year. Nearly 5,000 children will now receive their primary education through the schools that exist because of her. The communities where the schools were built (6 months ahead of schedule, by the way) were carefully chosen because they were in need of infrastructure. When you imagine that UNICEF estimates about a quarter of young boys in Malawi, and only about 16% of girls, complete their primary-level educations—due to long distances to travel to the schools and general poverty—building up these particular communities takes on even more significance.

This terrific commitment and accomplishment was achieved as a partnership between Madonna’s Raising Malawi charity (already funding millions of dollars toward the nation’s orphan populations and facilities) and BuildOn.

Discover volunteer opportunities with Raising Malawi here.

Raising Malawi With Madonna, But Not Piers

I watched the Piers Morgan Tonight show last night for the first time. I know lots of folks feel he might be too boorish and arrogant to be watchable, but it was OK. He is definitely boorish and arrogant, but that is not a surprise. What I do find a little over-the-top is his ridiculous publicity ploy saying he will ban Madonna from ever appearing on his show. I know there are plenty of blacklists for guests on any chat show, but they aren’t publicized. Piers seems to be taking a page form the Letterman/Oprah manufactured feud to get attention, but it seems such a clumsy misstep to me…

Madonna, a bigger star than Piers can ever hope to be, is certainly not hurt, or even affected by his hubris. While my fandom for Madonna has never been rabid, my admiration for her is top of the charts. Her commitment to children is much more than a PR pose, and her focus on the nation of Malawi, I believe, truly does make a difference there. Her Raising Malawi charity has helped over a million children orphaned from the AIDS epidemic, and she is spearheading education efforts for girls, poverty relief, orphan issues, and children’s mental health.

In addition to general support of the charity, you can also volunteer, at home, or in Malawi, with World Camp, the sanctioned volunteer organization working with Raising Malawi. World Camp volunteers work in rural schools and street shelters, teaching kids about HIV/AIDS prevention, nutrition, gender equality, environmental issues, and human rights. There are general volunteer programs geared for adults, as well as “youth to youth” programs to get teens involved. Just think of all the things you don’t know right now, that you will come home knowing after a volunteer gig with kids in Malawi.