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Manu Learning Centre

The Manu region of Peru, around the Madre de Dios River, is a truly stunning area of the rainforest. I’ve been blessed to be in  this general region twice, and it is other-worldly…as you hike through more shades of green than the Crayola inventors ever dreamed, you expect a dinosaur to round the bend any minute. It is truly nature at its finest.

The Manu Learning Centre is within the Manu Biosphere Reserve and strives to bring economic, social, and environmental harmony to the rainforest. There is such abundance here of flora and fauna, and like so much of the rainforest, so much remains undiscovered…and simultaneously, species become extinct EVERY DAY. Indigenous cultures and traditions are almost as threatened as the biodiversity.

Volunteers work 2-week to 12-week programs in conservation and education, starting with your own in-depth learning program in everything from mapping and giving education presentations to jungle exploration and even special studies into night monkeys.

I wonder if I can do a correspondence course in “Night Monkey”?

You should go, volunteer, do the training, and let me know. It is an incredible opportunity…just waiting for you.

Rainforest Retention

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Rainforest SOS

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