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MTV EXIT–Music Television and Anti-Trafficking Awareness

MTV has a far less publicized antidote to The Jersey Shore, Skins, and other stuff that pisses of while simultaneously titillating the audience. The progressive network has always had pro-social programs within the corporate section, even if not always having pro-socially conscious programs airing. MTV EXIT is a Bangkok-based, multi-media, worldwide initiative trying to raise awareness of human trafficking, modern-day slavery, and exploitation. It launched in 2004 and uses music videos with a message, performance festivals, social networking, Internet campaigns, their 14-language website, and broadcast opportunities to educate youth to the international scourge of forced labor and the involuntary sex trade. It is an important voice and the intended global audience is inclined to listen…any way to get the message out equals effective communication…and the flip-side of the coin to gym/tan/laundry.

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